Some Details of Customized Conveyor System Feb 17, 2022

As a professional conveyor manufacturer,one of the most popular requests we receive from our clients is to design a conveyor system for their operations. Over the years, we have worked with many customers from a variety of industries, which means the conveyor systems we’ve designed have handled numerous types of products: big, small, boxes, bags, wheels, parts, and the list goes on. So when I ask our clients to tell me about the dimensions of the product their new conveyor system will handle, it surprises me when they either don’t know or ask why I need that information.Understanding the product that will travel on the new Electrical Powered Roller Conveyor is the foundation of good conveyor system design.The questions below establish what size and type of conveyor and motors we will implement in the new system, so it’s important to learn this information at the beginning of each project.

accordion roller conveyor

1.What are the maximum dimensions of the product along with the weight?

2.What are the minimum dimensions of the product along with the weight?

3.Is the product to be conveyed fragile?

4.Is the product to be conveyed wet, hot, or cold?

5.Does the product have a flat bottom that can be conveyed on rollers?

We need this information for several reasons:
  • The minimum dimensions will determine roller centers and diameter of rollers. A general rule of thumb is that the product always needs at least three rollers under it at all times.
  • If the product is located in a cooler and/or freezer, then we need to take certain precautions to make sure the bearings and motors used on the conveyor system are capable of handling the condensation that can develop when colder products are traveling between storage and packing areas.
  • And lastly, if the product is fragile, then we need to make sure we keep it from getting damaged by using zero pressure accumulation conveyor. This will prevent products from running into one another or even touching if needed, ensuring they are not damaging while traveling through the system.

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