• The Food and Drinks Malaysia 2023 by SIAL
    July 06, 2023 The Food and Drinks Malaysia 2023 by SIAL
    Time: July 4-6, 2023 Venue: Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre(MITEC) Exhibition introduction: Food & Drinks Malaysia by SIAL is poised to be the leading food and beverage exhibition in Malaysia and around the region - providing a focused platform for the industry towards market entry to the gateway of Asia's food Capital-Malaysia. This new launch by SIAL. explores opportunities in the food & beverage sectors, Seafood & Fishery, Halal Foods and Food & Beverage Technology with a special feature in Spice & Condiments as well as Alternative Proteins.The trade platform offers a unique experience to meet, establish new business networks with related businesses and services and learn through customised knowledge-based sessions on topics relating to the industry. At the exhibition, we showcased steam shrink tunnel and roller conveyor. We have more than 20 years of experience manufacturing a variety of Packaging Machinery and conveyor systems. Steam shrink tunnel is our featured product, it’s widely used in the food and beverage industry, could make the bottles much more attractive! Roller conveyor is suitable for the conveyance of products with a flat bottom. It has the characteristics of large transport volume, high speed, light operation, and the ability to realize the transmission of multiple lines at the same time. Participated in this exhibition, we communicate with person in the food and beverage industry, so that our products continue to improve, we get great harvest in this exhibition!
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  • Happy Labor Day!
    April 28, 2023 Happy Labor Day!
    Dear All, International worker’s day is coming, E-pack will have a break from Apr 29(Saturday) to May 2(Tuesday) days off 4 days and will resume work on May 3. Our new and returning customers, we wish you have a happy Labor Day! During holidays, orders are accepted, but shipments are not arranged. Our email server will remain open during the holiday, if you have any urgent issues, you can contact us by our email as blow: info@easypacktech.com If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help you.
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  • Holiday Notice of Chinese New Year
    January 11, 2023 Holiday Notice of Chinese New Year
    Dear All, Greetings from E-PACK. The Lunar New year is just around the corner, all the staff of E-PACK would like to extend their sincere greetings and best wishes to you. Kindly informed that E-PACK will have a China New Year holiday from 19th, Jan to 28th,Jan,2023. During Spring Festival, orders are accepted, but shipments are not arranged. Orders during the holiday period will be processed on January 29, thank you for your understanding. We recommend that you schedule your order before the holidays and place your order as soon as possible to avoid any shipping delays or product shortages. If you have any inquiries, please contact us by email, thank you for your great support and cooperation in the past year. Wishing you a prosperous business and a happy new year in 2023! Best regards E-PACK Team
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  • Happy National Day
    September 29, 2022 Happy National Day
    The National Day of the People’s Republic of China, which falls on Oct 1, is the most important holiday in the country. It celebrates the founding of the people’s republic of China. The public holiday in China starting on October 1st every year and lasting for 7days. It’s a Golden Week in China with huge amount of travelers domestically and overseas. History of China’s national day Chinese National Day honors the start of the Wuchang Uprising that eventually led to the end of the Qing Dynasty and later the establishment of the People’s Republic of China. On October 1, 1949, the leader of the Red Army, Mao Zedong, declared the founding of the People’s Republic of China in Tiananmen Square in front of a crowd of 300,000 people, while waving the new Chinese flag. The declaration followed a civil war in which communist forces emerged victorious over the nationalist government. On December 2, 1949, at a meeting of the Central People’s Government Council, the declaration to formally adopt October 1 as Chinese National Day was ratified by the First National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference. National days are of utmost importance, not only culturally, but also in representing independent states and the current government system. As we hoist the national flag of China on the occasion of China National Day, let us salute it and take pride in celebrating this day which honors the formation of an independent country! NOTICE: We will take National Holiday form 1st, Oct to 5th, Oct. Please feel free to email info@easypacktech.com, if you have any order plan.
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  • The popular steam shrink tunnel machine in Philippines
    September 16, 2022 The popular steam shrink tunnel machine in Philippines
    E-Pack, the packaging industry leader to provide all kinds of automatic packaging machine to meet the packing needs of various customers around the world. Today announced that we have reached a cooperative relationship with a company in the Philippines. This cooperation comes as the result of the successful shrink package in the daily necessities filed. It’s not our first time to sell machines to the Philippines. We have the many customer in Philippines. Based on the understanding of the Philippines market, we usually suggest our customer to adopt the steam shrink tunnel for wrapping the bottles. Because our steam shrink tunnel have 700 spray nozzles and 360°adjustable system to meet any shape of containers, and to make sure good shrink effect. So the steam shrink tunnel is best choice for container shrink-wrap application. “ With E-Pack packaging solutions, we will be able to offer best-in-class products to improve our customer experience. We are satisfied by what we’ve seen so far in the perfect products packaging. And we expect to make a cooperation with E-Pack again.” - customer of Philippines. E-Pack has put sustainability at the core of it’s cooperation and aiming to produce products that meet customers requirements. The customer will immediately benefit form the E-Pack packaging solutions, high efficiency and perfect shrinkage. “ we are truly honored to cooperate with the customer, it’s another recognition of our perfect shrink-wrap effect in Philippines. We are proud to contribute to the daily necessities company in Philippines, and help them to remain agile and competitive in a very dynamic market.”- Johnny, general manager at E-Pack.
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  • Happy Mid-Autumn Festival
    September 09, 2022 Happy Mid-Autumn Festival
    The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival, takes place annually on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese calendar, one of the largest celebrations across China. Mid-Autumn Festival is a time for friends and family to gather and celebrate the coming harvest season. As the time goes by, the E-Pack has accompanied with us through the second Mid-Autumn Festival. As such, E-Pack organizes activities for celebrate the festival. In Chinese tradition, we usually have dinner together on that night. Bo Bing is also a Chinese traditional activity especially in Xiamen. It’s a game used for entertainment during the Mid-Autumn festival. Prepared some presents in advance, and then win the presents by playing Bo Bing. As the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, E-Pack will have a holiday from 10th Sep to 12th Sep. We here, on behalf of E-Pack company, would like to express the festival greetings to all the friends supporting and showing solicitude for us. A bright moon and stars twinkle and shine. Wishing you a merry Mid-Autumn Festival, bliss, and happiness.
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  • E-Pack obtained the CE certificate for steam shrink tunnel machine
    August 26, 2022 E-Pack obtained the CE certificate for steam shrink tunnel machine
    We are proud to announce that our featured product- steam shrink tunnel machine is now CE certified. European CE certification of shrink tunnel machine is a typical requirement of foreigner customers. The process of certification is long and challenging, because it involves checking the entire functionality of the machine and its compliance with safety and environmental protection requirements. As E-Pack developed rapidly, our products have received good reviews form customers around the world. In order to better serve more customers and expand the European market, we have applied for CE certification through BV company. Bureau Veritas is a business to business to society service company, which is one of the authoritative certification organizations. Their mission is to shape trust between business, public authorities and consumers. As a world leader in certification services, possessing professional knowledge to serve clients to meet the challenges of safety, the environment, social responsibility and product or service quality. BV company has obtained the acception of domestic and foreign customers with it’s high professional standards and responsible working attitude. That’s the reason why we choose BV company to apply for CE certification. In the process of certifying the machine, the E-Pack engineers and BV personnels constantly discussed and communicated each other. We were pleasantly surprised to find out that the both teams are highly consistent in terms of values. That is products produced, must be in compliance with environmental protection and energy saving value. Besides, BV company devoted to pursuing humanitarian protection, which greatly inspired E-Pack engineers to actively improve and optimize the steam machine such as overcurrent protection device to be added onto our machine. Without a doubt finally an improved steam machine shape itself via big efforts via both teams. Hereby, we would love to take the opportunity to thanks Patrick SORCINELLI from French for his kindly instruct.
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  • The 59th China (Guangzhou) International Beauty Expo
    March 21, 2022 The 59th China (Guangzhou) International Beauty Expo
    Time: March 10-12, 2022 Venue: China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Exhibition Hall Exhibition introduction: 2022 China (Guangzhou) Beauty Expo CIBE is organized by All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Beauty & Cosmetics Chamber of Commerce and Guangdong Beauty Salon & Cosmetics Industry Association. The exhibition will be held twice a year, this time it begins on March 10, 2022. The venue is Pazhou Pavilion, China Import and Export Fair, No. 380, Yuejiang Middle Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou city, Guangdong, China. The exhibition area is expected to reach 300,000 square meters, the number of visitors will reach 910,000, and the number of exhibitors and participating brands will reach 3800. Our factory has been specialized in shrink tunnels for more than 20 years, steam shrink tunnel is our featured product and also the flagship machine of us. As the steam shrink tunnel machine is suitable for different shapes of the bottles, it's widely used in the cosmetic industry, could make the bottles much more attractive! We attend the CIBE every time, and to communicate with person in the beauty industry, so that our products continue to improve, better meet the needs of them, we get great harvest every time.
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  • Annual Meeting Party of 2022
    January 28, 2022 Annual Meeting Party of 2022
    Happy Chinese New Year!! Wish all my customers every success and prosperity in the New Year!!
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  • Holiday Notice of Spring Festival
    January 19, 2022 Holiday Notice of Spring Festival
    Dear All, As China new year is coming soon, E-PACK will have a China New year holiday from 29th,JAN to 7th,Feb,2022. During the holiday, orders are accepted, but no shipment are arranged. Orders placed during the holiday will be processed on 8th, Feb. Thanks for your understanding. We suggest you to arrange your order before the holiday and place the order asap in advance to avoid any shipping delay or any shortage of your products. If you have any questions or any emergency for shrink tunnel machines and roller conveyors,Please email info@easypacktech.com, we will deal with it as soon as possible. Thank you all and Happy Chinese New Year! Best Regards E-PACK Team
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  • Shrink Sleeve Labels Deliver Low Cost and High Shelf Impact for the Craft Beer Industry
    December 29, 2021 Shrink Sleeve Labels Deliver Low Cost and High Shelf Impact for the Craft Beer Industry
    what’s hot and what’s next desire drives sales growth in the craft beer industry Craft beer customers and retailers ask every day what’s hot and what’s next? The answer is often the seasonal brews and one offs that brew masters develop to satisfy the public’s craving for new and different, and the retailers desire to bring customers into the store. The packaging problem for short run brews comes from the economics of purchasing preprinted cans. It makes no sense to purchase a trailer sized volume of 200,000 cans – the minimum order for preprinted – when the brewery needs a fraction of that number. We believes the ideal solution for short runs is shrink sleeve labels. Shrink sleeves fool the eye into believing the can is printed. Film offers designers the widest possible color pallet to draw the attention of consumers. This style of label gives the package an attractiveness that is impossible for preprinting to achieve. Shrink sleeve labels can be produced in less time than preprinted cans and in quantities suitable for short-run products. Shrink sleeve application basics Shrink tunnels are either electric or steam. For empty beer cans, both steam and electric tunnels work well to provide a high-quality shrink finish. Low-pressure steam tunnels, such as the ThermoFlow, consume less energy than high-pressure options. Shrink sleeve labeling machines are designed to process and apply shrink sleeve labels that are provided in roll form. They open and precisely cut individual labels along predetermined cut lines so that the registration of the label is perfect. The label is then applied to the can as it passes beneath the applicator on a conveyor. Long-service-life knives are the best as they reduce the cost of ownership. A major difference between applicators is the ease of changeover. Breweries and mobile canners benefit from easy, fast adjustment of the applicator. Easy and fast translates into quality labeling, greater uptime, and lower operator involvement. E-Pack E-pack provides our customers the means to produce attractive sleeve labeled products and tamper evident protected packages with dependable performance and unmatched flexibility that translate into dollars and cents on the bottom line. Engineered for reliability and value, E-pack solutions includes shrink sleeves, shrink sleeve labeling machine, and heat shrink tunnels for pharmaceuticals, beverages, processed foods, dairy, health and beauty, household, and chemical products.E-pack is a global leader in packaging line solutions. E-pack helps our packaging customers protect their reputation and grow the trust of their consumers. E-pack is performance, and the proof is in every package.
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  • Economic Globalization
    October 26, 2021 Economic Globalization
    Advance of economic globalization "Four years ago, President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony of the world Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2017 at the Davos International Convention Center and delivered a keynote speech in which he stressed the need to unswervingly advance economic globalization and steer it well. President Xi's keynote speech is still of great relevance today." January 24, the World Economic Forum executive director Lee Howell said in an interview. "President Xi Jinping's propositions on promoting economic globalization are convincing and highly appreciated by the international community," Howell said. He said President Xi jinping's emphasis on building a dynamic growth model, open and win-win cooperation model, fair and equitable governance model, balanced and inclusive development model, and firmly establishing a sense of a community with a shared future for mankind are strong propositions. "These important propositions will be reconsidered at the upcoming 'Davos Agenda' dialogue in the context of more intertwined and converging interests." The World Economic Forum recently released its Global Risks Report 2021. "There are global risks, such as pandemics, at both the national and local levels. No country can deal with such events alone." Howell pointed out that the most important thing in dealing with global challenges is to work together. Countries should be more inclusive in formulating policies and measures to tackle the epidemic and recover their economies. "The world faces risks and challenges, and the world is looking to China to play an important role in economic recovery. Some economists predict that China will contribute more than one-third of world economic growth in 2021." Howell said the international community should also pay more attention to China's contribution to a more resilient and sustainable recovery. E-pack is an export company in China that works with manufacturers to produce custom packaging machinery and is committed to working with machinery manufacturers and distributors around the world to meet the packaging needs of different customers. We are committed to sustainable development, energy saving, environmental protection, safety is our most basic requirements.
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