How to improve the efficiency of unloading cargo Dec 23, 2021
Christmas is coming, I wish you a merry Christmas in advance!

The arrival of the festival, may be a lot of companies and factories having a holiday, workers are  anxious to go back home.But a large number of cargo loading and unloading car work, pure manual handling and unloading,are being very hard. So what kind of equipment can help improve the efficiency of loading and unloading boxes, with pallets of goods? Today, I would like to share with you our experience: we transport and unload a large number of boxes of goods, using the expandable roller conveyors line to help, improve the efficiency of unloading, but also reduce the labor intensity of workers. We feel that this kind of powered roller conveyors line is a good choice.

warehouse conveyor systems

1.Powered roller conveyors
2.Two workers

1. According to the size of the cargo to be unloaded and the height required for unloading, the movable roller conveyors of appropriate length, width and height shall be selected;
2. (1) Two workers should extend the flexible roller conveyors to the appropriate length and adjust the height appropriately;
(2) Two staff respectively standing at both ends of the conveyor line, one worker at the end of the conveyor line, putting the goods to be unloaded on the conveyors, the other one at the end of the conveyors line, unloading cartons, with pallets of goods.
After unloading the goods, two workers should shrink the line of the powered roller conveyors.
Gravity Skatewheel Conveyor

Matters needing attention:

1. When unloading, to adjust the conveyor line to a suitable conveying height, the height is not appropriate will affect the efficiency of conveying and unloading vehicles.
2. Adjust the conveying and unloading path, adjust the conveyor line to the appropriate height and angle, pay attention to the casters on the brake step down, fixed the rollers path, and then   putting goods on it to transport and unloading.

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