• Daily necessities
    Daily necessities packaging solutions. E-Pack offers a wide variety of machinery to serve Daily necessities. Our multipackers are typically applied to shapely bottles and boxes, making them ideal for personal care products. Sealed packaging can not only make the product look more vivid, but also dustproof and anti-theft during display. There are various types of daily necessities, such as cups, masks, books, soaps, etc. Accordingly, there are also various different forms of packaging, such as bags, bottles, boxes, heat shrink packaging, etc. We have a variety of professional packaging solutions to meet the different needs of products. Such as soap, it’s usually packaged in bags to prevent the soap surface from coming into contact with moisture in the air and affecting the quality. The heat shrink wrapping machine can solve the problem perfectly, as it use hot air convection which will not produce water vapor.
  • Foods
    Food packaging solutions. E-Pack offers a wide variety of machinery such as heat shrink tunnel machine and steam shrink tunnel machine to serve today's ever-changing and ever-expanding food industry. E-Pack packaging machines for foods fully meet the packaging requirements: hygiene, high performance and packaging design. Our equipment is often applied to bottles, boxes, cartons, cans, bags, wrapped either individually or in packs. Biscuits, coffee powder, toothpaste, etc, need to be sealed to keep them fresh and easy to sell. Our wrapping machines are equipped with stainless steel materials to ensure reliability and high performance. Our wide range is available to meet any request in terms of productivity and product size.
  • Consumer Goods
    Ideal package for consumer goods. E-Pack offers customized solutions for you. Our packaging solutions can handle virtually anything on retail shelves. Consumer goods packaging is the process of packaging of goods that are used by consumers. The ever changing consumer taste and demands have given packaging companies a lot of opportunities to innovate and be creatively diverse in consumer goods packaging. Protecting the integrity of the product is more preferential and the top priority for any consumer goods packaging solution. For a business to prosper good products are not enough or the main factor of achieving thriving success, innovative packaging solutions help to cut down costs and be a deciding point of whether there can be a sale. The shrink film provided by E-Pack is known for its good flexibility. It has high puncture resistance, good shrinkage and flexibility, strong impact resistance and tear resistance and certain shrinkage stress. The perfect cooporation in shrink film and shrink tunnel machine will make your product more attractive.
  • Auto Parts
    E-Pack has many years of experience in providing case packing, shrink wrapping, stretch wrapping and shrink bundling equipments for the automotive industry. Whether shipping domestically or internationally, there is a growing, urgent need for cost-effective automotive packaging solutions that will ensure the parts arrive at the end destination fully intact and undamaged. The automobile industry usually works on a production line, therefore it will use a lot of packaging modes. E-pack includes many wrapping modes, for example the heat shrink tunnel machine can wrap the cartons and strapping machines can strap big size automatic pp belt carton box.
  • Logistics
    E-Pack offers the Automated packing line and conveyor systems that makes the logistics more efficient. Transporting any type of materials from one area to another within industrial facilities is an increasingly notable need, the roller conveyors are the best solution. The conveyors system work interchangeably in the transport and accumulation of light, medium or heavy loads, within the various industries, presenting versatility and adaptability to the specifics needs of each case. One of the objective of our conveyor system is to intallation and operation positivie in productivity, saving time, increasing safety and reducing costs.
  • Beverage
    Beverage packaging solutions. E-Pack offers a wide variety of shrink wrappers, shrink bundlers and tray wrappers to serve today's ever-changing and ever-expanding beverage industry. The colorful packaging makes the beverage even more palatable. For beverage manufacturers looking to place shrink wrap, film, bands or sleeves on products to create tamper evident seals, preserve tightness or even band products together in a plastic film such as PE shrink film, selecting the right equipments comes down to a series of critical decisions. The steam tunnel for shrink sleeves is best choice for beverage shrink-wrap appication at small to large production.
  • Condiments
    Condiments packaging solutions. E-Pack offers a wide variety of shrink packaging machinery. The colorful packaging makes the condiments even more mouthwatering. Condiments industry is a significant field, for its nature of addressing the basic need of living beings on this earth. With the development of people's higher persuit of food, therefore has given rise to condiments requirements as well, which has increased production of condiments packs to a larger extent in most of the food businesses. This calls for a reasonable unitisation of mass production of these pack condiments in an effective and professional manner. Our machine - steam shirnk tunnel and heat shrink tunnel will help your produts package more colorful and attractive.
  • Artware
    Perfect package solutions for artware. E-Pack provides a wide variety of packaging machines for all kinds of artware. During delivery, your artware may pass through many different hands and areas, so it’s important to make sure your package arrives at its destination in good condition. Gone are the days when one would think that artware is more important than packaging, as in these days there is a tough competing market out there which makes both the product and the packaging equally important to attract the customers. A perfect packaging will help your artware products sales better. Our wrapping machine and strapping machine can prove the sealling of products, and we make sure the artwares is shipped to customers in good condition.
  • Pharmaceutical
    Good packaging solutions for Pharmaceutical. E-Pack specializes in packaging equipment with gentle product handling, ideal for multipacking small products in the pharmaceutical industry. The E-Pack packaging machines for the pharmaceutical industry fully meet all hygienic and sanitary standards required for this sector. Packaging machines for the pharmaceutical industry must meet particularly stringent hygiene requirements, considering the special requirements of products to be packed. To ensure maximum safety in this respect, pharmaceutical packaging machines must be made with stainless steel resistant to corrosion and rust. The overall frame of Steam shrink Labeling machine is made of 304 stainless steel, it’s perfact machine for Pharmaceutical industry.
  • Bathroom Accessories
    Provide best packaging solutions for bathroom accessories. E-Pack offers a wide variety of machinery to serve building materials and sanitary ware industry. Bathroom accessories can act like the jewelry of the bathroom design, giving the finished look a little added shine and style. The materials of bathroom accessories are usually fragile objects such as ceramics and glass. So packing bathroom accessories for international shipping can be a tricky task. E-Pack wrapping machines is the ideal choice for packing bathroom accessories. 
  • Stationery
    Best packaging solutions for stationery. E-Pack provides various packaging machines for the stationery industry. Exquisite packages make the stationeries more valuable and beautiful. Everyone uses stationery in his daily routine, and especially the students and office staffs are the biggest consumers of these products. The students use stationery products like pencils, erasers, colors, painting boards, brushes, papers, and bags. Business staff uses stationery stuff like business cards, letterheads, file covers, invitation cards, and greeting cards. A dedicate and fasionable stationary products can’t be separatred from accurate labeling. The accuracy of E-Pack labeling machine usually within 1mm, absolutely termed as high accuracy. 
  • Hardware
    Automatic bag packaging for industrial small parts. E-Pack offers a wide variety of machinery to serve the building supplies and hardware industry. Often small hardware, fasteners and other parts are packaged in bags. Bagging is the most effective way to package and organize small parts, while also being the most flexible and affordable. E-Pack vertical hardware counting packaging machine bag packaging systems improve productivity and increase capacity by integrating with your existing production line and automating the packaging process. We offer customized model in accordance with users’ specific demand. The hardware accessories packaging machine is widely used in electric, light and hardware industry, such as screw, screw nut, blind nut, gasket, hardware and plastic parts' automatic counting and packing machine.

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