What is conveyor system? Aug 11, 2022

A conveyor system is a fast and efficient mechanical handling apparatus for automatically transporting loads and materials within an area. This system minimizes human error, lowers workplace risks and reduces labor costs among other benefits. They are useful in helping to move bulky or heavy items from one point to another. A warehouse conveyor may use a belt, wheels, rollers, or a chain to transport objects.

Conveyor systems allow for quick and efficient transportation of a businesses materials and products as well as being able to move heavy items such as cars down a production line which make them popular in the material handling and packaging industries as well as the manufacturing industries.

  • Where did conveyors come from?

The first patent for roller conveyors was awarded in 1908 to Hymie Goddard, from Logan Company, in Indiana. This allowed for smooth transport of goods by means of internal ball bearings, although the conveyor did not get mainstream until five years later.In 1913 Henry Ford made a milestone in history by introducing the renowned assembly line.

During the 1920s conveyor solutions started being used for longer distances thanks to a conveyor being able to carry heavier and larger goods over long distances with much more ease.

  • Three commonly used expandable conveyors:

1.Gravity Roller Conveyor

Gravity Conveyors are a series of roller , but no motor. Instead, they transport the product using the weight of the product to move down an incline. The flexible telescopic roller conveyor may also be horizontal, but the product must be propelled manually in these instances. These conveyors are best for heavier objects with flat surfaces and are typically used in pick modules or end-of-line interactions.

2.Motorized Roller Conveyor

Motorized roller conveyors use motors, placed along with the conveyor frame, to power evenly spaced rollers. The design of stainless steel roller conveyor is similar to a gravity conveyor with the addition of motors. The number of motors is dependent on the load to be moved and the overall design of the system.

3. Skate wheel conveyors

Sakte wheel conveyor consist of small skate wheels mounted on a series of axles attached to flexible frames. The wheels let boxes, cartons and other loads with firm, flat bottoms roll along the conveyor from one place to another, reducing the effort it takes to move the loads.

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