Why does heat shrink package appear fold Apr 29, 2022

There are many kinds of packaging machine, and many kinds of production enterprises. Heat shrink packaging machine is one of many packaging machines, with advanced heat shrink packaging technology, widely used in many production enterprises welcome. Heat shrink packaging machine will also fail, such as there will be wrinkles.Today we will tell you why there are wrinkles in the heat shrink packaging machine. Let's go and see.

sealing and cutting machine

1. Insufficient shrinkage temperature.

Solution: increase the temperature; If the temperature is high enough, try slowing down the conveyor belt to allow the product to stay in the tunnel longer, which will improve the actual effect of shrinkage.

2.In the case that the above solution still cannot solve the problem, is it the poor quality of the heat shrinkable film? If the shrinkage ratio is small and the flexibility is insufficient,we'll just have to replace the shrink film.

3.If the above problems still exist, that is, the equipment is old, or the equipment used is unqualified, the temperature of hot air tunnel is uneven, and the flow rate of hot air is too small.

Heat shrink packaging machine is also called automatic heat shrink tunnel machine. It’s economical, fast, easy to adjust, automatic feeding, conveying, bag, sealing, one-time completion of shrinking, heat shrink packaging can improve the product image, is the choice of automatic packaging enterprises. It is suitable for supporting carton sealing and packaging production line, or single machine operation. All the machines adopt PLC+ display screen to control the packaging process, which is greatly convenient to operate. It is an essential equipment for automatic large-scale production.

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