What is PET Shrink Film Apr 21, 2022
Today, environmental pollution control is imminent.In order to ensure the sustainable development of the economy and society, people have taken a variety of behaviors, and PET heat shrinkable film is special
Combined with the characteristics of environmental protection, because it is easy to recycle, non-toxic, tasteless, good mechanical properties. So, what is PET heat shrink film?

PET heat-shrinkable film is a new heat-shrinkable packaging material. Ordinary polyester is a crystalline polymer, ordinary PET film after special processing can only get 30% of the thermal shrinkage rate.The highest thermal shrinkage PET film can be as high as more than 70%.

PET heat shrinkable film packaging advantages are:

1.Transparent body, reflect the image of goods.

2.Tight packaging, good anti-dispersion.

3.Rain proof, moisture proof, mildew proof.

4.No recovery, a certain anti-counterfeiting function.

It is often used in convenience food, beverage market, electronic appliances, metal products, especially shrink label is its main application field. Because with the rapid development of PET beverage bottles, such as Coke, Sprite, all kinds of fruit juice and other beverage bottles need PET heat shrink film with it to do heat sealing label, they belong to polyester class, is environmentally friendly materials, easy to recycle and reuse.

PET heat shrinkable film in addition to the contraction label, also began to be used in the outer packaging of daily goods. Because it can not only protect the packaging goods to avoid impact, rain, moisture, rust, but also make the product with exquisite printing packaging to win users, at the same time, it can well show the good image of the manufacturer.

More and more packaging manufacturers are using printed shrink film to replace the traditional transparent film. Because printing shrinkage film can improve the appearance of the product grade, is conducive to product advertising, can make the trademark brand in the hearts of consumers have a deep impression.

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