The Advantages of PVC Heat Shrinkable Film Packaging Mar 30, 2022
What are the advantages of PVC heat shrinkable film? The development of PVC heat shrinkable film technology promotes the marketization of heat shrinkable film, making PVC heat shrinkable film cover the packaging field of electronic products, medical products and other industries, and promote the development of flexible packaging industry. At the same time, shrinkable labels, shrinkable caps sleeves were also developed. So, what are the advantages of PVC heat shrinkable film?
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The advantages of PVC heat shrinkable film packaging:

1) Beautiful appearance, close to the commodity, so it is also called fit packaging, suitable for a variety of different shapes of commodity packaging;

2) Good protection. Better protection can be achieved if the inner packaging of shrink packaging is combined with the transport packaging hanging on the outer packaging;

3) Good cleaning, especially suitable for precision instruments, sophisticated electronic components packaging;

4) Good anti-theft, a variety of food can be packed together with a large shrink film to avoid loss;

5) Good stability, goods in the packaging film will not go sideways;

6) Good transparency, customers can directly see the product content.

The above is about the advantages of PVC heat shrinkable sleeves. At present, the world plastic packaging heat shrinkable film consumption of millions of tons, PVC, PS, PE and other materials, PVC heat shrinkable film is the highest market share of the heat shrinkable film.

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