Why should choose stainless steel conveyor rollers? Jan 05, 2023

Conveyor rollers are used in unpowered (gravity-flow) roller conveyors, powered roller conveyors. Rollers stands to support and move bulky items such as boxes and bags. At present, the main materials of conveyor rollers are: plastic rollers, galvanized rollers and stainless steel rollers. So why stainless steel should be your choice?

What is Stainless Steel Conveyor Roller?

Stainless steel conveyor rollers are often chosen in conveyor because of their durability. Stainless steel is easy to clean and corrosion-resistant, is a popular choice for environments with strict hygiene. As a result, stainless steel conveyor rollers are significantly superior to other types of rollers in heavy industrial applications.

The stainless steel roller is used as the conveyor, which has the characteristics of non-rust and can work in a highly corrosive environment. Stainless steel roller conveyors are often found in warehouses, where products are packaged, or when loading and unloading goods on cars. The rollers have a good carrying capacity and can easily transport large volume goods instead of manpower. In addition, the conveyor rollers helping companies save production costs.

Advantages of stainless steel conveyor rollers

Heavy duty

The fact that stainless steel is much heavier than plastic actually works to its advantage because it can be used to transport heavier items. The 201 stainless steel conveyor can bear a load of 100kg per meter.

Save money

While steel rollers may cost more upfront, they will save you money in the long run because you do not have to replace them as often, if at all. Plastic rollers may break or become degraded over time. This is not so when steel rollers are used.

The good quality stainless steel roller conveyor factory

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