Which Type Of Shrink Tunnel Is Right For You? Mar 03, 2022

The last blog talked about different types of shrink tunnels. Today I’ll introduce how to choose a right automatic shrink tunnel for you.

To appropriately answer the question above, you will need to answer a few questions yourself. Here are a few items of consideration to ponder when trying to figure out which type of shrink tunnel is a good fit for your products and packaging line.

1.Are my products heat-sensitive? If you answered yes, you would want to consider getting a convection shrink tunnel. It will give you greater control over the distribution of hot or cool air.

2.Do I require high-end graphics and branding capabilities for my products? If you answered yes, you would want to purchase a self-contained steam tunnel as they produce superior results when graphics and registration must be of the highest quality.

3.What is my budget? Depending on your financial limitations, you may want to stick with a convection tunnel as steam tunnels require additional utilities.

hot air cycle shrink tunnel

Answering these few simple questions will help you to make a better choice when it comes to purchasing a shrink tunnel for your packaging line.

If you are still unsure about which type of shrink tunnel is right for you or if you would prefer to have someone else do all this comparison work, consider reaching out to one of our packaging experts.
They will be able to send you an in-depth comparison of several different makes and models with a recommendation that is the correct machine for your specific applications.
Your packaging expert will be able to help you choose the right electric heat shrink tunnel machinery for your packaging line, as well as the best vendor for your needs. We can help you in this process even if we do not end up being the vendor that you ultimately choose to do business with.

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