Application Of Labeling Machine In The Daily Chemical Products Jun 30, 2022

The success or failure of daily chemical products depends on the point of sale. The label is essential -- it not only contains information to promote sales of the product, various product instructions and use precautions, but also serves as a practical seal. Therefore, the labeling machine must be able to handle the widest possible range of formats, shapes, and label labeling machine

The points of daily chemical products labeling:

In mass production of daily chemical products, labeling machine should have the following three attributes: high efficiency, reliability and accuracy. In the case of OEM filling or packaging, great flexibility is required to ensure high utilization of equipment even with frequent product changes. Before making an investment, the manufacturer, supplier or OEM should check the relevance of the following criteria to the product.

√ Even if the shape is irregular, it can fit perfectly
Whether it's bottled, detergent, shoe polish, floor cleaner, kitchen, bathroom, bathroom, or regular daily chemicals: Some daily chemicals come in very specific packaging shapes, depending on the industry and category. The labeling machine should be able to handle these challenges easily.

label applicator machine

√ Create an eye-catching appearance
One of the most important prerequisites for selling like hot cakes is to make sure the label fits perfectly and is wrinkle-free. Consumers generally think that products with beautiful appearance are of higher quality. According to the product size and surface characteristics, EPACK can provide the appropriate separation system, with leading labeling technology and accumulated experience to help you create the perfect product.

automatic label machine bottles

√ One solution for all (tag) cases
Do you want to attach multiple labels of different sizes to a product for different purposes? One for advertising messages, one for ingredient lists, one for pricing, and one for promotion? And require precise definition of the relative position of each label? Instead of expensive special solutions, modular and extensible structure design will become a new trend.

Epack provides the appropriate labeling machine for each application.In addition, we are a reliable partner in service and maintenance, providing you with long-term supply security.

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