How to choose a labeling machine Aug 02, 2022

A label does more than identify a container’s contents. It gives the buyer their first impression of your product, helping you make the sale. Choosing the right labeling machine will improve quality perceptions while keeping your production line running smoothly. Here’s how you can narrow down your choices based on the containers and labels you use, as well as how the machine fits into your production process.

  • Browse machines by label type

Labels Pressure-sensitive and glue-applied are the most common type of label, so we'll start with those. Pressure-sensitive labels (PS labels) are the most used labeling solution. If your labels are pressure-sensitive, please come to us, we are the expert on it.

With the sea of PS labeling equipment on the market, it can be difficult to select the one that best fits your company. To help you decide, this blog will discuss the factors that you should consider before purchasing a PS labeling machine.

  • Choosing a Label Applicator
After knowing the label type, In guiding you to the right label machine, your supplier will need to know relevant factors such as:
  1. What is being labeled? Is it a bag, a carton, a clamshell, a pouch, or a bottle? A machine appropriate for labeling jars and bottles may not be appropriate for a flexible package.
  2. Container shape and size.
  3. Where labels are to be applied Speed of production Once these basics are known, it's easier to narrow down which label applicator you need.
Here's a useful breakdown of label machine types:

Wrap around the container

Top labelers (labeling machines for container tops, also called flat labeling machine or top surface labeling machine)

Top & bottom labelers (also called top and bottom labeling machine)

Front & back labelers (one side or double sides labeling machine)

Shrink sleeve wrappers

All of these except the last one on the list deal with pressure-sensitive labels. (shrink tunnels are also our featured product, we talked about it in other blogs.)

  • Other Features to Look For When Choosing a Labeling Machine
Are you looking for an applicator that adjusts to a variety of shapes and sizes? Make sure to keep the following features top-of-mind before making a final purchase.
  1. Flexibility: Some machines can be set up for a variety of sizes and shapes, giving you the ability to use one machine for multiple product lines. Others have fixed parts, saving on purchase costs and maintenance.
  2. Manufacturer credibility:While there are plenty of PS label applicators to choose from, you’re better off sticking to those made by manufacturers that have a good reputation. To ensure you’ll get excellent service and maintenance, ask critical questions about the manufacturer’s quality control, sales process, and technical support.

Overall, your choices will be determined by the number of labels per container, location(s) where they’re applied to the container, and sizes of your containers and labels, the flexibility and manufacturer credibility. You'll want to consider production speed, compatibility with your other equipment, and price as well.

Once you've picked your labels and know how you want them applied, then you can check the specifications to see which label machine is right for you. Choosing the right labeling equipment for your needs is crucial for successful product labeling, Contact us to learn more.

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