How to choose the right labeling machine? Jun 09, 2022

There are so many kinds of labeling machines in the market, and all of that look similar, its really not easy to choose the suitable one. Today we will guide you to do that.

Firstly, you must know what kind of label you have, normally, it divide as self-adhesive labels and glue-applied labels, for the self-adhesive labels, this is our focus today, you need to choose Self-adhesive labeling machine, for the glue-applied Labels, you need to choose glue labeling machine. Today we will introduce the Self-adhesive labeling machine, this kind of labeling machine is the most widely used at present.

Secondly, you need to know the shape of your container and the label request;

Ø If you want to label to top of the cap, then you can choose flat labeling machine.

Ø If you want to label on bags or tags, paging labeling machine will help you a lot.

Ø If you want to label around the round container like bottles, then you can choose Vertical Round Bottle Labeling Machine or round bottle positioning labeling machine, the differences between these two as below, the round bottle labeling machine can label quicker, but if the label need to all around the bottle , positioning one is better choice, positioning makes labels to fit more neatly. And if the capacity is not very big, I think semi-automatic round bottle labeling machine is also a good choice, which is really suit the Start-up business.

Ø If your bottles are round but small, horizontal labeling machine is suitable for you.

Ø If your containers are conical, then Our tapered bottle labeling machine is what you need.

Anyway, there are so many kinds of labeling machines, if you want to know more about it, or if you want to get a right one, welcome to contact us. Were always there for you.

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