Why manual labeling is not efficient? Oct 27, 2022

Labels bestow identity to a product. They act as a major promotion tool for the product. They are also valuable for the customers as they help them to differentiate goods from each other. Labels are helpful for generating a distinct image and creating a brand-name in the market place. Labels are simple, colorful, sophisticated, and carry a lot of information important for the customers. However, many businesses are unable to meet their demand for labeling in packaging. And the main reason is due to labour issues.

Many businesses often have insufficient workers for labelling, which causes low efficiency and productivity. On the other hand, whilst some businesses face difficulties hiring enough workers, those with enough workers complain about the rising and high labour cost. As manual labelling has its capacity, it is either costly or time-consuming to complete the required labelling.

Issues with Manual Labeling

The manual labeling process can take several forms–all of which can be relatively time consuming. Even the best-trained, most disciplined worker will have lapses and slips that result in faulty labeling. Not just that, manual labeling also causes more damaged and wasted labels such as air bubbles, wrinkled labeling, crooked labeling, and many more which look low-quality.

When you make the switch to a high-speed automatic labeling machine, this error is eliminated. Automatic and semi-automatic label applicators use an orienting device to flip the container or use a pair of applicators to apply both labels at the same time.

How does a Labeling Machine help you?

First, high efficiency, low cost. Automatic labeling machine is a modern electromechanical integration product that has fundamentally changed the situation of low manual labeling efficiency and low labeling quality. The use of labeling machine not only boost production output, but also greatly reduces input costs and increases manufacturers' production vitality.

Second, high performance and cost-effective. The automatic labeling machine can not only meet the work requirements, but also has a long service life in addition to the marked features of high labeling speed and high precision.

Is it time to switch to automatic labeling machine?

If you are looking for a better way to label your containers, contact E-pack labeling systems. We have a wealth of experience can help you set up a labeling system such as label applicator machine for bottlesflat bottle sticker labeling machine. that fits your production needs and delivers the look you want for your products. It’s time to reap the benefits of automatic labeling systems.

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