How to label a tapered bottle? Nov 02, 2022

When you choose to label on tapered containers, the choice of which labeling machine becomes a problem. This blog will answer the question for you in detail.

What is tapered bottle?

A container is tapered when it isn’t perfectly cylindrical and gradually changes in width. An easy way to tell if your container is tapered is to compare it to something that’s completely flat or straight, whether it’s something like a rectangular box or a ruler. If you stand both items next to each other and the side of your container isn’t flush against something flat, it has some degree of tapering to it.

Often designed to help increase shelf appeal, tapered bottle is often used in personal care or beauty products where the shape of the bottle improve shelf presence or help deliver a strong brand message to the consumer. Can be paired with all common closure systems such as screw caps, dispensing caps, pumps, and sprayers.

Why can’t you use rectangular labels on tapered containers?

Tapered labels can create some problems for even the most basic of label shapes. Straight lines appear uneven when placed on tapered containers, even if the change in width is very slight. This can lead to crooked label placement or noticeable creases or bulges that result in an unprofessional overall packaging design.

While it may seem easy to simply switch to a non-tapered container, these labeling challenges shouldn’t scare you away from utilizing uniquely-shaped packaging that stands out to your consumers.

Tapered bottle labeling machine selection

Automatic tapered bottle labeling machine can provide customers with a complete range of labeling machine solutions. Our tapered bottle labeling machine is an automatic linear labeling machine that allows to all your conical products (jars, bottles, cans, buckets).

If you are looking for a better way to label your containers,contact E-pack labeling systems. We have a wealth of experience can help you set up a labeling system such as tapered bottle labeling machineautomatic bottle label machine. that fits your production needs and delivers the look you want for your products. It’s time to reap the benefits of automatic labeling systems.

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