Why choose handheld strapping machine as your packing tool? Dec 01, 2022

With the advancement of logistics technology, the packaging requirements of products are also constantly improving. Whether it is a strapping belt or strapping machine, we need to choose carefully. After all, not a good strapping machine must be suitable for your product. The most important thing is that what suits you is good.

The blog recommends using a handheld strapping machine as the primary strapping tool.

The first point: after-sales. Any machine is a day that will break, not to mention a high-speed operation of the strapping machine, failure is a common thing. There are three types of strapping machines on the market: large machinery, the most expensive and the largest, unable to move a fraction. The second, desktop strapping machine, weighing about a hundred kilograms. The third is battery strapping machine, a small strapping tool that is generally about a few kilograms. I believe that everyone can see the reason why the hand strapping machine type is recommended, that is, it is small and lightweight. Especially cross-border transactions, the after-sales maintenance of the first two types of machines will become very troublesome and must be repaired by special personnel. You can send it anywhere you want in the country through the now developed logistics, which is simple and convenient, and efficient. The main thing is that it is cheap, and this piece can save a lot of money.

The second point: portable for many enterprises, the products they need to pack are not fixed in one place, and the handheld strapping machine is light and easy to carry, and can easily cope with the mobile packaging of different venues. Their extreme flexibility, which is precisely the pain point of large machines, and the weight and size of large machines make them difficult to move easily.

Handheld strapping machine makes up for the large machine can not reach the place, extremely low price is also favored by many enterprises, E-pack look forward to the future cooperation with you. Helping small and medium-sized enterprises solve packaging problems is what we have always insisted on.

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