Is a strapping machine necessary? Nov 17, 2022

In today's time-scarce business environment, it is vital to eliminate bottlenecks in the packaging process.Whether you plan to quickly transport the goods arriving in the packing area or store them for later use, few machines can work faster than an electric strapping machine.Faced with a wide variety of strapping machines on the market, how do you choose? Some machines are large enough to fill a small room; some are small enough to be held with one hand. Let us help you by classifying the main types of packers.

Handheld strapping machine

Why choose to use a handheld strapping machine? Because portable strapping machines can be carried with you to products that need to be packaged, saving time, energy, and machine operation. If you need mobility on the work floor, consider portable strapping machine. These handheld strapping machines are ideal when you are working with a variety of packaging. Since they are mobile, handheld strapping machines can be used for both vertical and horizontal strapping.

Pallet threading machine

Automatic pallet threading machine is ergonomic, simple and efficient. The use of traditional balers is a waste of time and adversely affects the health of workers. A majority of companies doing pallet strapping can improve this packaging process and protect their employees. Enthuse your employees, they will be thankful. Finding good employees has never been more difficult and costly then today.

Selecting the Right Strapping Machine for Your Business

At E-pack, we offer full-service support to help you select the optimal equipment for your business. Not only will we guide you through the purchase, but our team also provides ongoing support to ensure you know how to how to use strapping machine equipment. Our goal is to support your packaging automation, which can improve productivity and save you money.

What questions do you have about strapping machines? If you’d like more information about the right equipment for your business, then contact us to schedule a free assessment.

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