The instructions of steam shrink tunnel packing machine Dec 14, 2021

Our steam shrink tunnel packing machine is a film shrink wrapping machine with steam as the heat source, mainly used for the heat shrinking of the film label of bottles. Compared with electric sleeve wrapping machine, it has the characteristics of easy to use, smoothly shrinking and highly efficient.It’s the ideal equipment for wineries, beverage factories and pharmaceutical factories.

Our steam shrink tunnel is composed of two parts: boiler and shrink sleeve tunnel. First of all, the steam is generated by the boiler, and the steam enters into the shrink tunnel through the pipe. The label shrink machine sprinkles the steam evenly on the bottle body through the tunnel to achieve the purpose of shrinking the film.The steam boiler in addition to be equipped with water level meter, there is a level controller, which can add water and stop water automatically,so as to maintain the water level stable, so that the shrink machine always maintain a stable steam volume. The boiler is made of 304 stainless steel, which has undergone intermediate frequency annealing treatment, water pressure test and X-ray flaw detection to ensure its safety and reliability. Get more details at


1. Connect the power line to the power supply matching the boiler power;

2. Connect the water pipe and pour the clean water into the water tank. Connect the exhaust valve of the boiler and the waste water outlet of the heat shrink machine respectively with the pipe and tighten it;

3. Adjust the position of the steam tube, so that the tube hole is just aiming at the bottle film, to achieve the purpose of shrinking;

4. Switch on the power supply, open the switch, adjust the speed of the conveyor belt, open the heating switch and the vent switch;

5. Before the bottle enters into the shrink tunnel, put the film wrapping on the bottle. When the steam is full enough, put the bottle into the shrink tunnel and complete the shrinking;

6. Turn off the switch after finished.

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