The future of the heat shrinkable packaging Nov 24, 2021
Heat Shrink tunnel packaging machine is usually used with the film sealing and cutting machine, through the sheathed film sealing machine is installed on the outside of the product and sealed, into the heat shrinkable machine for heating, so that the packaging material shrinks and tightly wraps the product. The packaged goods have a certain anti-fouling and anti-impact ability. Different beverage companies have different requirements for beverage packaging bottles (cans), such as 6 bottles, 12 bottles, 24 bottles and other quantities, so the function of the film sealing and cutting machine and heat shrink tunnel packaging machine need to meet the requirements of the market.
Heat-shrink film packaging

Because the secondary packaging process is after the food packaging, in order to make the whole production line coherent, the secondary packaging needs to keep up with the filling and sealing speed and realize automation. According to our understanding, from 10-130 bags/min packaging speed of heat shrinkable film packaging models, can meet the speed of production line needs. At present, automatic heat shrink packaging machine has appeared on the market, which belongs to the combination of film sealing and cutting machine and heat shrink tunnel machine. It can realize the integration of automatic film feeding, bag making, surface smoothing, film cutting and packaging, and heat shrink packaging.

At present we see in the market not only transparent packaging film , as well as colorful packaging film. Through the printing of corporate propaganda pictures, not only enhance the identification of products, but also improve the beauty of packaging. The accuracy of heat shrink film packaging machine is also required. In addition, we have learned that the film materials for beverage packaging are generally PE film. With the increasingly strict requirements for environmental protection, how to adapt to the new green packaging film will be the focus of future.

With the price of cartons rising again and again, looking for secondary packaging substitutes is the common demand of many food and beverage manufactories. As one of the substitutes, heat shrinkable packaging, low price will be its competitive advantage. From this point of view, the future of heat shrink tunnel machine is worth looking forward to. As a professional one stop bottle packaging machine manufacturer,we supply best packaging solutions, get more from

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