Shrink wrap tunnels market Aug 16, 2022

Over the past, global packaging industry has focused on developing and adopting packaging solutions that address specific needs of the product that is to be packaged, so also effect overall packaging cost and weight savings. Depending on the principle used to shrink the film, shrink wrap tunnels may be hot air circulation tunnels which termed as convective shrink wrapping tunnels, or steam shrink wrap tunnels that employ steam to effect film heating. Demand for shrink wrap tunnels is expected to be driven by increasing adoption of shrink wrap technology for packaging especially across developing geographies of the globe.

  • Regional analysis of global shrink packaging market
On the basis of region, the global shrink packaging market has been covered in Asia-Pacific, North America, Europe and the rest of the world. Asia-Pacific is responsible for the largest market share of shrink packaging market. Major countries, particularly in India, are expected to be the leading consumers because of the growing food & beverage industries and emerging e-commerce platforms in this region. Another reason for growing market in this area is the increasing demand for consumer goods because of the growing population along with the rise in disposable income.

Europe is also expected to be a key revenue contributor during forecast period because of growth in consumables market such as meat and other food products. North America is anticipated to register a healthy growth rate. The growth in this region can be attributable to the presence of many consumer goods manufacturing companies.

  • Shrink wrap tunnels market dynamics

During shopping, research shows that customers will be predisposed to a certain brand, but the final decision is made at the display shelf. Many factors come into play at this point.Eye catching product, unique packaging, and bright colors will naturally attract shoppers. With the development of heat shrink packaging sleeves, product manufacturers have been able to differentiate their merchandise with compelling shapes and colors that attract attention and create ergonomic packaging designs.

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