Daily necessities Sep 09, 2021

Daily necessities packaging solutions. E-Pack offers a wide variety of machinery to serve Daily necessities. Our multipackers are typically applied to shapely bottles and boxes, making them ideal for personal care products. Sealed packaging can not only make the product look more vivid, but also dustproof and anti-theft during display. There are various types of daily necessities, such as cups, masks, books, soaps, etc. Accordingly, there are also various different forms of packaging, such as bags, bottles, boxes, heat shrink packaging, etc. We have a variety of professional packaging solutions to meet the different needs of products. Such as soap, it’s usually packaged in bags to prevent the soap surface from coming into contact with moisture in the air and affecting the quality. The heat shrink wrapping machine can solve the problem perfectly, as it use hot air convection which will not produce water vapor.

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