Energy Saving,E-Pack's Responsibility Oct 15, 2021

Ensuring a stable and secure supply of energy will make China more capable of sustaining green development, Cherish energy, environmental protection and energy saving, is the most concerned problem of E- Pack.


Energy is a major issue concerning overall economic and social development. At present, the international environment and global energy pattern and system are undergoing profound changes, and China's energy development and security are facing new challenges. To carry out the deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, in accordance with the new development stage, to carry out the new development concept, build the new development pattern, promoting the development of high quality requirements, according to practical conditions, to deal with development and emission reduction, the relationship between the current and long-term, stable growth and restructuring plan as a whole, We will deepen market-oriented reform in the energy sector, promote green and low-carbon energy transformation, and enhance energy security capabilities to provide solid support for modernization.

To achieve peak carbon neutrality is a requirement for China's economic transformation and upgrading, as well as a common response to climate change. To achieve the dual carbon goal in a scientific and orderly way, we must make arduous and long-term efforts. Each one of us should try our best to develop energy saving machines, and enhance our capacity for green development.

E-pack Technology Co., Ltd mainly promote Eco-friendly and green energy saving products. We provide all kinds of automatic packaging machine to meet the packing needs of various customers around the world. For example, The electrical tunnel machines are our flagship products. They are 30% power consumption saving due to the Air Convection system. E-Pack was deriving from a automatic packaging machine factory with a history of more than twenty years.

We are looking forward the provide many kinds of energy saving packaging machines to people who need them all around the world.

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