What are the advantages of heat shrink tunnel? Feb 09, 2023

Packaging is an indispensable and important part of any product production process, with people's requirements for the aesthetics of item packaging, heat tunnel shrink wrap machine came into being.

What is shrink film packaging?

Shrink film packing machine is an easy process that only requires two things—the right kind of plastic film and heat. you can use plastic film wrap around any object, no matter what size or shape. Heat is then applied to the surface, which causes the plastic to shrink. As it shrinks, it conforms to the shape of your object and seals itself. Plastic film has the advantages of waterproof, weatherproof and tamper proof. Since there is no restriction on size to shrink wrap items, you now have a way to protect even the bulkiest of items. As an added bonus, plastic film is recyclable; when you’re finished with it, you can toss it in with your other plastic bags to be recycled and remade for future uses.

Heat shrink tunnel machine is ideal and offers great benefits.

20mm asbestos insulation engineered as a double insulated chamber to reduce heat Loss. Even heat distribution & hot air circulation inside chamber energy saving 30%. Automatic shutdown function, when the tunnel temperature rises to the specified temperature, the equipment automatically cuts off the power suppply,  saving the power consumption, and also prolong the service life of the equipment.

Plastic shrink wrapping machine uses heat shrinkable film packaging, which is widely used in beverage, beer and other industries, replacing traditional cartons, which greatly saves costs. Compared with steam shrink tunnel machine, heat shrink tunnel machines are more energy-efficient. Can shrink water-feared, corrosion-threatening, rust-prone products, shrink film is not easy to deform, in this aspect, make up for the lack of steam shrink tunnel.

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