Safety precautions while running maintenance on your machine Oct 20, 2022

Preventative maintenance is supposed to prevent safety hazards and equipment malfunctions. A facility that is well taken care of will be a much safer environment for staffs. However, some maintenance procedures have inherent risks to which you never want to expose your staff.

The following are our safety precautions you should take while running maintenance on your machine.

  1. Non-professionals are strictly prohibited from dismantling and repairing machines.
  2. Do not use live mobile devices.
  3. The shell of the furnace has a higher temperature after heating. Do not touch it.
  4. Connect the power supply according to the line number marked by the power supply head, and connect the line well (Make sure connect the live wire and the neutral wire correctly).
  5. Lubricate the active and passive bearing base regularly.
  6. Customers should install a soft water machine (specification is 0.3 T/H) at the machine intake to ensure the clean water source and avoid the failure of the liquid level sensor and the dry burning damage of the heating pipe after the water source is not clean and scales are formed during the long-term cooking process.
  7. If the water source is not treated in time, a proper amount of scale treatment agent should be added in one month remove scale (can be added to the water tank with a treatment agent). The video will guide you how to clean the water tank:
  8. After using some time, need to adjust the conveyor to prolong the service life of the conveyor base. If the conveyor mesh is not adjusted in time when it’s not in the middle, it is easy to cause the wear of the base. Just like this:

Here is some guide to maintain and adjust the conveyor mesh:

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