How are Pyramid Tea Bags Better than Regular Tea Bags? Dec 08, 2021

What is a nylon triangle tea bag? As the name suggests, it's a triangle shaped tea bag. It is the latest popular style of tea bag. What is the market prospect of triangle tea bag packing? It's obviously,according to statistics, more and more consumers like triangle bag tea, and its market is getting bigger and bigger. It has the traditional tea culture,at the same time, and triangular tea bag based on its numerous effects in the market, both health care and health. We usually go to the major drugstores or supermarkets will find that their stores are selling triangular tea bags, we could see its great business opportunities.

Triangle tea bag,it's a simple and convenient packaging, a small triangle tea bag is produced according to the dosage.We don't have to guess how many tea-leaves could make a cup of tea, now put a pack of triangle tea bag into the cup and add some boiling water to drink tea easily.This "laziness" of modern people has led to the development of society, so making triangular tea bags are very popular. Now, E-pack, a comprehensive solution provider for automatic packaging, showing you the advantages of triangular tea bags than regular tea bags:

nylon triangle tea bag package

The triangle tea bag is an innovative design of traditional tea bag. The unique expansion space can make tea spread out in the tea bag completely. The pyramid-shaped tea bag can release the smelling and taste of tea quickly and completely without damaging the original leaves of tea, which has the taste of professional tea brewing. Due to its transparency, triangle tea bags allow consumers to see the production of high-quality raw materials directly, without worrying about the use of inferior tea bags. Triangle tea bag has broad market prospects, it is the experience of high quality tea packaging.

The characteristics of triangle tea bag are as follows:

nylon package triangle tea bag packing machine

1.Brewing without filter, simply and fast;

2.Consumers can enjoy the wonderful original aroma and color of tea;

3.Let the tea in the triangle space, to be completely beautiful bloom, also let the tea fragrance completely release;

4.Make full use of the original tea, can brew for many times, long time;

5.Tasting fast;

6.Ultrasonic traceless sealing, making the high quality tea bag.

Automatic Pyramid Tea Bag Packing Machine

E-PACK automatic triangular tea bag packaging machine,by ultrasonic cutting off, make the beautiful shape tea production is possible.

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